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Since opening in the summer of 2016, The Kelp Store has grown to become an integral part of life on Papay. Weekly the centre is used by the Papay Lunch Club, Poor Mans Corner (The Papay Band), and the Papay Choir. Craft and art workshops are regularly held here along with practical workshops relating to island sustainability.



Most events and activities that take place at The Kelp Store, are open to both islanders and visitors. There are many stories of unwary folk visiting Papay for the day, who have a fantastic time at The Kelp Store and leave feeling like part of the community.

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The Kelp Store has a long and varied heritage. From its origins as a storage facility for kelp, a smithy, coal store and boat store. The Kelp Store has always been a practical place, where things happen. We hope that is still the same today as ever. Being an integral part of island life, and offering those who come to our islands an insight or opportunity. That is what we are all about.

Papay Community: Programs


We are a community choir, and in normal times we meet weekly at the Kelp Store to practise our songs. It's a great time for a laugh and a get-together; we have a common passion, and it's true, singing really is good for you. Anyone is welcome to join us; visitors are welcome to join us while they are on Papay. Not everyone reads music, but that is not an obstacle - all you need is the love of singing together.

      We began with carol-singing a few years ago, and carried on into the new year, not wanting to stop, and so the group made its tentative beginnings. We love to perform at Papay events. 

     We have a guest leader, Caroline Price, from the West Midlands, who has come to Papay three or four times now, and given us a series of workshops. Her inspirational teaching has been invaluable, and brought us a wealth of world music, from African to Eastern European, from English madrigal to Shape Note.

     Visiting choirs are a great boon for us: we were delighted to welcome  Caroline's choir Stream of Sound in 2018, and in 2019 The Barberellas, a women's Barber Shop group from York, who worked with us, gave a concert here, and more songs to sing! 

     We're looking forward to singing again, once the lockdown is over!

Papay Community: Programs
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